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outpatient / амбулаторный
имя прилагательное
outpatient, ambulatory, ambulant, extramural
имя существительное
амбулаторный больной
outpatient, ambulatory
имя существительное
a patient who receives medical treatment without being admitted to a hospital.
attending a clinic as an outpatient
It showed about 100 patients waiting at the outpatient clinic, most of them elderly.
treatment is done on an outpatient basis
The patients attended the outpatient clinic every three or four months as part of routine follow up.
an outpatient clinic
attending a clinic as an outpatient
Many children receive chemotherapy on an outpatient basis at a clinic or hospital.
This included an exhausting half hour walk from a nearby parking space to the reception area and thence to the outpatient clinic.
All treatment is carried out in an outpatient clinic and you will not have to stay in hospital.
There was no difference in success or complication rate between hospitalized patients and outpatients .
An inpatient survey was held last January but this year outpatients and casualty patients are being including for the first time.