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outpace / опережать, идти быстрее
advance, outpace, outstrip, anticipate, lead, outrun
идти быстрее
go, rise, or improve faster than.
he took the pass and outpaced the defense to score in the corner
salsa sales now outpace those for ketchup
Markets, as they will always do when given the chance, moved toward providing more goods at cheaper prices, and economic growth quickly began to outpace other Latin American economies.
Now all that notwithstanding, the rapid one-time shift in population composition associated with the baby boom is projected to outpace increases in productivity growth.
Though progress has been made over the past decade, it has not been fast enough for economic growth to outpace population growth.
Connected to each other, the destroyers could easily outpace a submarine and trap it.
The model suggests the Cretaceous landscape was filled with large, lumbering creatures that any human with a fast car or bike or maybe even a quick sprint could outpace .
One in 10 Scottish jobs are in the financial industry and it has outpaced the growth of the Scottish economy by five times over the past five years.
The nanowire-derived ring oscillators reached a speed of 11.7 megahertz, outpacing by a factor of roughly 10,000 the excruciatingly slow performance attained by other nanomaterial circuits.
Despite a steady rise in such loans, they are not outpacing overall credit growth and their share remains within the norm.
We see second quarter growth outpacing the first quarter because private consumption and investment should catch up