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outnumber / превосходить численно
превосходить численно
be more numerous than.
women outnumbered men by three to one
In Britain, there are numerous Roman-period cemeteries in which men greatly outnumber women.
Women greatly outnumber men, and illegitimate births are very numerous.
The numerous and lukewarm group outnumber the rabid partisans on both sides, though.
In areas where the elderly population already outnumbers other age groups, the authorities have begun taking action.
Oversized, oversexed and over here - the American grey squirrel has largely displaced its indigenous cousin since arriving in the 19th century and now outnumbers it 66 to one.
You see New Zealand is home to rather a lot of sheep - 45 million of them to be precise - easily outnumbering their human counterparts by more than 11 to one.
So was the atmosphere in the National Stadium on April 22, with gun-toting and decidedly edgy cops and soldiers just about outnumbering the spectators.
In 1999, Scotland recorded the largest ever natural decrease in the population since records began in 1855, with deaths outnumbering births by more than 5000.
Perhaps if there were 10,000 protesters we could have marched on the building itself, but with the police almost outnumbering the protesters there was never a chance.
The private sector now outnumbers the public for the first time in decades.