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outlying / отдаленный, удаленный, далекий
имя прилагательное
remote, distant, outlying, farther, far, faraway
remote, deleted, removed, away, outlying, abstracted
far, distant, remote, faraway, farther, outlying
имя прилагательное
situated far from a center; remote.
an outlying village
It is said that had it not been for some of these organisations, some of the outlying parts of the country would not have been opened up.
It would cover the entire town centre as well as outlying areas.
There is a shopping centre where all the people from outlying districts come in order to stock up.
At least eight people were killed in and around the capital and at least eight others in outlying provinces.
It was specifically for distribution to the outlying areas of the province.
The last of its tumble-down outlying villages, with its cheering raggedy children, was left behind many hours ago.
These games were arranged in places in outlying provinces, with the venue changing each time.
In the Roman empire this took the form of the payment of tributes by the outlying provinces back to the Roman heartland.
The centre effect on access to transplantation seemed to be artificial and was due to the outlying effect of a particular centre.
Communication with many outlying islands and coastal communities has been lost.