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outlive / пережить, выживать
survive, live through, outlive, outlast, live out, get over
survive, outlive, pull through, get through, overlive, supplant
(of a person) live longer than (another person).
women generally outlive men
They should be open to change as and when they outlive their utility.
I should outlive him long enough to bury him.
Perpetual foundations, he pointed out, frequently outlive their initial purpose and usefulness.
The demographics of participants in this study reflect current population demographics in which women outlive their husbands and then live alone.
Yet, it is necessary to outlive the inhuman experience of this attempt at genocide with the collaboration and connivance of the state and come to grips with its implications for the future of the Republic.
Women outlive men just about everywhere in the world, but in Russia, it's by 14 years.
They may outlive their friends who can give insights into their achievements and character.
And the truth is that micro-organisms can't be obliterated - they were here first and they will surely outlive us.
So many people outlive their friends and their contemporaneous family.
There's nothing we can do but see how many outlive summer.