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outlay / затраты, расходы, издержки
имя существительное
cost, spending, outlay
costs, expenses, cost, spending, expense, outlay
costs, cost, outgoings, expenses, expense, outlay
spend, expend, outlay, disburse, melt, put out
имя существительное
an amount of money spent on something.
Christmas cards account for only a small amount of our outlay .
In my case, in order to minimise my monthly outlay , I chose to repay the loan amount after 30 years.
In fact, the acquisition and maintenance of social rank could well require the outlay of large sums of money.
And each time you go for a flat, as well as the financial outlay of getting a survey done, you have the emotional investment.
comparatively little financial outlay
Besides the outlay in money, vineyard investments take time to yield a return.
Christmas cards account for only a small amount of our outlay .
a modest outlay on local advertising
Yet some administrators have urged a reduction in the current outlay for salary and benefits.
And so the next thing was to get an idea about what treatments cost and what you'd get for an outlay of money.
That would involve the outlay of a great deal of money for only one match a season, but the days have gone when people put up with what they get.