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outlast / пережить, прожить дольше чем, продолжаться дольше, чем
survive, live through, outlive, outlast, live out, get over
прожить дольше чем
продолжаться дольше, чем
live or last longer than.
the kind of beauty that will outlast youth
If they are properly maintained, the original windows in older buildings will usually outlast replacement windows by a substantial amount.
the kind of beauty that will outlast youth
the kind of beauty that will outlast youth
A legacy is something which we deposit into this life that will outlast us for generations to come.
He may have died young, but his achievements will outlast many who lived longer.
Whether that conception and the reasons it generates will outlast the manifest image remains to be seen.
What's going to make it outlast all the quiz shows that we have been watching for so many years?
If his lust outlasts the night, romance will have a chance to blossom.
It would be thoroughly useful to understand how to ensure that your accumulated wealth outlasts your biological life cycle, without hampering your life style.
Remembering through the media by definition outlasts human experience, not necessarily helping us to heal in this time and place but perhaps by helping others in other times and places.