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outlandish / диковинный, глухой, заморский
имя прилагательное
deaf, blind, voiceless, outlandish, unvoiced, indistinct
overseas, oversea, outlandish, ultramarine, transmarine, peregrin
имя прилагательное
looking or sounding bizarre or unfamiliar.
outlandish brightly colored clothes
foreign; alien.
In fact, the Cossack regards the Russian peasant as a foreign, outlandish , despicable creature.
So it shouldn't be an outlandish idea that personal missions drive what we do as journalists.
No matter how outlandish your idea is, it must be accepted if it holds up experimentally.
Instead, their outlandish ideas were applauded, so they hit upon the notion of recording their next stunt on video.
Much of it is so ridiculous, so confused and generally outlandish that it often becomes comical.
They do not think that victory requires outlandish luck, freakish circumstances, bizarrely compliant opposition.
They came to watch a bunch of people dressed in ridiculous clothes and outlandish make-up run amok in a slapstick whirlwind of escapism.
At any rate, this all seems rather bizarre and outlandish - until you realise where the bodies are buried.
He makes outlandish comment, uses colourful language and generally does his homework.
They wore outlandish clothes without fear of being laughed at by little boys on the bus.
All around her, pupils are wearing the kind of outlandish clothes and hairstyles one would expect of teenagers anywhere in Europe.