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outing / выход, пикник, загородная прогулка
имя существительное
output, exit, out, outlet, escape, outing
picnic, outing, junket, barbecue, pyknic, treat
загородная прогулка
имя существительное
a trip taken for pleasure, especially one lasting a day or less.
they would go on family outings to the movies
the act or practice of revealing the homosexuality of a person.
I have always been against outing closeted gays just for the hell of it.
come or go out; emerge.
the truth will out
reveal the homosexuality of (a prominent person).
I don't think there is any good argument for outing a closeted politician who supports gay rights.
Now, after three weeks, she calls me and asks me to a New Year's outing .
It makes me uncomfortable and really throws a damper on any outing .
Young girls had an impressive outing in the tournament.
her first screen outing in three years
The key to a successful shopping outing is to get as much of it done in the least amount of time possible.
a family outing to Weston-super-Mare
the outing of gays by the press
He is the last person who should be saying now that he is the victim of a ‘brutal outing .’
Where I start to believe in outing is when a celebrity lies outright by denying they are homosexual.
He hasn't been impressive in the preseason, but a strong outing could endear him to his teammates and the coaching staff.