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outguess / перехитрить
outwit, outsmart, euchre, outmaneuver, circumvent, outguess
outwit (someone) by guessing correctly what they intend to do.
a brilliant military commander outguesses the enemy
Some batters take a see-ball-hit-ball approach to their job, but many others try to outguess pitchers and anticipate what's coming.
But we see people thinking they can outguess the market all the time.
Therefore the game revolves around trying to outguess your opponents as to where they're going.
This helps explain why specialists fail to outguess non-specialists.
There is something terminally appealing in trying to outguess the trapped company in a most unpleasant predicament, where suspicions are dropped only as each falls victims to an elaborate and poignant murder plot.
But we're keeping it quiet now because we don't want our competition to outguess us.
Trying to outguess the market doesn't pay off over the long term.
You have to react to the opponent's move, try to outguess his next move, and surprise him with a cunning countering action.
But she is smart, often outthinking or outguessing everyone, and occasionally aided by a bit of blind chance.
It outguessed my every manoeuvre on the sandy bottom, and I ended the dive knackered, without one image of its huge iridescent blue pectoral fins splayed like a splendid fan to show for my efforts.