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outgrowth / нарост, отросток, продукт
имя существительное
outgrowth, excrescence, wart, knot, gnarl, node
process, outgrowth, sprout, spur, rame, slip
product, produce, output, commodity, outgrowth, offspring
имя существительное
something that grows out of something else.
outgrowths at the base of the leaf
It was founded in London in the 1860s as an outgrowth of Methodism, a sort of militant form of Methodism which had a strong sense of social justice.
‘Rather than adhering to a set form and a limited range of gestures, as in ballet, the dancer creates form as an outgrowth of his or her own communicative impulses,’ the dance school says.
the eye first appears as an outgrowth from the brain
‘It's an outgrowth of the idea that somehow it's exciting to be on camera, that our lives become interesting and more real when they're on camera,’ she said.
I documented an outgrowth of the mentality thus displayed earlier.
Then there was the equally intriguing suggestion that what happened was simply a grotesque outgrowth of things which happen all the time in some small businesses.
with further outgrowth the radius and ulna develop
When you were younger, did you have any ambitions to appear in movies, or did that just happen as an outgrowth of your comedy dream?
Begun in 1972 as an outgrowth of the chapel of the same name, the school runs from kindergarten through twelfth grade and enrolls about 100 students.
The emergence of free agent workers can be seen as a natural outgrowth of changing concepts about careers and career development.