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outgo / выход, расход, издержки
имя существительное
output, exit, out, outlet, escape, outgo
consumption, expenditure, rate, expense, outgo, span
costs, cost, outgoings, expenses, expense, outgo
exceed, transcend, surpass, excel, beat, outgo
advance, outpace, outstrip, anticipate, lead, outgo
имя существительное
the outlay of money.
the secret of success lies in the relation of income to outgo
go faster than.
he on horseback outgoes him on foot
Amid the usual flurry of confusing, sometimes conflicting economic facts and figures what matters to most of us is the income and outgo and whether we have jobs to go to.
Your monthly income must cover the outgo , and if it doesn't, you cut back.
The tree resembles a bank account whose income (sugary food) is fixed but whose outgo (respiration and new wood) keeps mounting.
Beyond the relationship aspects of money, there are also practicalities - there's just no way around the fact that you have to have more income than outgo .
And because of this singular fact, every single published estimate of Social Security income and outgo is just plain wrong.
the secret of success lies in the relation of income to outgo
The chart shows income and outgo as a percentage of national income, and as you can see, the shortfall is just under five percentage points in 2050.
Getting the inflow and outgo to agree may take some doing, but persevere until your budget balances.
In dollar terms, if the earnings from exports stood at $539.36 million, the outgo towards import of raw nuts was $474.25 million.
the secret of success lies in the relation of income to outgo