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outflow / истечение, утечка, выход
имя существительное
expiration, expiry, outflow, issue, efflux, escape
leakage, leak, escape, outflow, seepage, wastage
output, exit, out, outlet, escape, outflow
outflow, discharge, issue, drain, outlet
flow out, run out, stream, ensue, outflow, overflow
expire, lapse, run out, emanate, outflow, fall in
имя существительное
a large amount of money, liquid, or people that moves or is transferred out of a place.
an outflow of foreign currency
an outflow of foreign currency
Certainly, the ‘no haste’ policy did not end the capital outflow .
Weakening and reduction in the regular size of the Polar anticyclone and its east-wind outflow should cause the temperate low pressure belt to find a zone of activity closer to the polar zones than at present.
an outflow of foreign currency
The report noted the need for the abolition of limitations on the outflow of foreign currencies by enterprises that have invested in the nation.
When the outflow from these downdraughts finally exceeds the inflow, the storm will dissipate and die.
The institute's data showed that the outflow of medical practitioners was matched by an inflow of overseas-qualified medical practitioners.
With more pensioners and fewer active workers paying in, the postal pension system has a net outflow of funds for the first time in nearly 70 years.
Price indices may or may not catch the effect of the net outflow of money from the commodity market.
In simple terms, if inflow is greater than outflow the result is overcrowding.