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outflank / обойти, охватывать с фланга, обходить фланг
circumvent, get round, outflank, come round, distance, come over
охватывать с фланга
обходить фланг
move around the side of (an enemy) so as to outmaneuver them.
the Germans had sought to outflank them from the northeast
an attempt to outflank the opposition
Fifteen hundred troops were landed to outflank the forts.
They were under orders to circle south and east to surround Paris and outflank the Allied armies, ending the war within six weeks.
The promotion was an attempt to outflank its rival, which was winning over viewers by hiring younger, more attractive presenters.
In ancient times, the wedge was used to allow a formation to rapidly change directions and outflank an opponent.
His call to buy more shares and move away from residential property has been labelled an attempt to outflank political opponents on the right.
His squadron was now racing back through the Dominion battle group to engage the Alliance fleet moving to outflank .
the Germans had sought to outflank them from the north-east
It was designed to deliver a frontal strike and to create a chance to outflank the enemy's strong points.
But if you don't have the military forces to win, you've got to outflank them, with strategic defense.