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outfit / снаряжение, оборудование, одежда
имя существительное
equipment, outfit, rig, kit, accoutrement, tackle
equipment, facilities, furnishing, installation, plant, outfit
clothes, clothing, garments, garment, dress, outfit
equip, fit, outfit, tool up, appoint
equip, outfit, kit, fit out, fit up, kit up
equip, fit out, outfit, fit up, accouter, accoutre
имя существительное
a set of clothes worn together, typically for a particular occasion or purpose.
a riding outfit
provide (someone) with a set of clothes.
an auction of dolls outfitted by world-famous designers
Just select the girl's dress you want, then pick the matching outfit for your size doll.
So you need to wear colorful clothes and outfit yourself with plenty of reflectors and lights.
She wore her black leather outfit as though nothing had changed.
Tom was the brains of the outfit
The perfect outfit for the occasion is hiding somewhere in your closet.
The local brass band association has offered to try and pull together a replacement outfit from bands across the area.
And it says it would have worked with them to build an ‘industry-wide best practice’ had the outfit been that concerned about the matter.
She walked up to her bag of clothes in search of the perfect outfit for the day.
an obscure 1970s country rock outfit
Ever since I had seen her in her skimpy little cheerleading outfit , I had a huge distaste for her.