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outfight / побеждать
win, overcome, conquer, defeat, vanquish, outfight
fight better than and beat (an opponent).
Initially, however, the gamble seemed to pay off, as the Japanese armed forces outmanoeuvred and outfought their opponents in campaigns which brought victories in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaya, Burma, and the Philippines.
The three will have to rely on size and strength to outfight defenders for the ball because they can't beat defenders with speed alone.
I don't care what or who this thing thinks it is, nothing can outfight me with a blade.
If he couldn't outplay his opponent, then he could outthink and outfight him and here he shows how he did it.
I am quite sure that I shall overdrink him and outfight him.
Not that I could outfight him; I couldn't - not yet.
She learned karate for self-defense: ‘I was afraid that he would outfight me.’
Their midfield never gained enough of the ball during the game and their forwards, starved of possession, were outfought by a resolute defence when the ball did arrive.
It means he was outfought , outdone - and even more importantly, hopelessly outclassed!
‘You defeat your opponents by out-thinking them, not by outfighting them,’ she said.
It outfought them all to win further territory.