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outerwear / верхняя одежда
имя существительное
верхняя одежда
outerwear, outer garments, overdress, overcoat, overgarment, sports
имя существительное
clothing worn over other clothes, especially for the outdoors.
They come in a wide variety of weights and thicknesses, and are used in everything from dress outerwear to hunting outerwear , gloves and sleeping bags.
This is particularly true in winter, when scarves, boots, sweaters and other outerwear can clutter up hallway or mudroom space.
Launder or dry-clean all clothing and outerwear .
Don it with just about any type of outerwear : a leather jacket, a pea coat, and most definitely a parka.
This spring, instead of buying your usual boring outerwear , get yourself a lavish, top-stitched dark denim jean jacket.
In 1985, girls pioneered underwear as outerwear .
The wise dealer will choose a few good quality items of long underwear, outerwear , boots and accessories and stock them in as many sizes as practical.
The top-selling outerwear , leather and denim line for men has inspired a new label for young women.
Whether you are wearing them for underwear or outerwear , boxers are the way to go.
Your coat or outerwear is the look you have whenever you go outdoors.
The site offers over 250 styles of men's and women's sportswear and outerwear , as well as hunting wear, including blaze wool and camouflage.