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outer / внешний, наружный, физический
имя прилагательное
external, outer, foreign, outside, outdoor, exterior
outer, external, outdoor, outside, exterior, outward
physical, natural, bodily, material, physic, outer
имя существительное
белое поле мишени
попадание в белое поле мишени
в 'молоко'
имя прилагательное
outside; external.
the outer door
Scott and Fran left the main castle and they walked around the village inside the outer castle walls.
But our two worlds, the outer one and the inner one, sometimes remain separate realms.
He offers his, and indeed the century's, standard example of clocks which may have various internal mechanisms to produce the same outer effects.
As they clattered into the street outside I heard voices of slaves, and the outer door creaking open.
The site was chosen on the assurance of a motorable road to connect the centre with the outer ring road.
We are completely distracted toward outer phenomena.
Many patients buried their emotions, utterly helpless and dependent as they were, for the sake of peace, maintaining an outer stoicism they did not feel.
In the next few weeks the roof, outer cladding and external works will be added.
He judged on the outer , the material not the spiritual.
It sounds more like the quality of life in a struggling inner-city area than a leafy outer London suburb like Bexley.