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outdoors / на открытом воздухе, на улице, вне дома
на открытом воздухе
outdoors, outdoor, in the open air, outside, in the open, alfresco
на улице
outdoors, out-of-doors
вне дома
outdoors, abroad, out-of-doors
имя прилагательное
outer, external, outdoor, outside, exterior, outdoors
имя существительное
street, outdoors, road, row, out-of-doors
courtyard, yard, court, outdoors, garth, out-of-doors
in or into the open air; outside a building or shelter.
it was warm enough to eat outdoors
имя существительное
any area outside buildings or shelter, typically far away from human habitation.
a lover of the great outdoors
Finally, if you're deciding when to brave the great outdoors , choose a windy, sunny day.
In the wake of the recent dry weather, the Fire Brigade are appealing to the public to take care with fires outdoors .
On holiday, I aspire to that feeling of health and vitality you get from doing things outdoors .
Today in every season of the year it serves as an urban oasis where people stroll, chat and enjoy the outdoors .
A joint venture to give disabled people in York and North Yorkshire a taste of the outdoors has kicked off in fine style.
Three tiger cubs born in Scotland will this week take their first tentative steps into the great outdoors .
a lover of the great outdoors
You see, he works partly outdoors and partly indoors and has quite a bit of walking to do.
Most of the campers have never been in the outdoors or away from their own families.
The animals spend their lives outdoors and are not rounded up every night to sleep in warehouses.