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outcry / протест, крик, выкрик
имя существительное
protest, outcry, objection, revolt, caveat, remonstrance
cry, shout, crying, call, outcry, noise
outcry, bawl, hoop
protest, object, rebel, remonstrate, outcry, deprecate
shout, cry, yell, holler, call out, outcry
shout down, outvoice, talk down, outcry
имя существительное
an exclamation or shout.
an outcry of spontaneous passion
The company backed down and withdrew the T-shirt uniform after a public outcry .
They were convicted and executed, despite a massive outcry from all over the world against this barbaric treatment.
I feel a religious force in my person, a species of prayer, something like an outcry .
The camp hit the headlines when scenes of destruction similar to damage after an earthquake sparked an international outcry .
The outcry in the press would be tremendous!
Last month the death of a little boy caused a national outcry .
And they have triggered a greater civilian outcry than almost any other weapon.
In 2004 the then 77 year-old suspension bridge was closed to pedestrians, causing an outcry from local residents.
There was a huge public outcry following the deaths in May because the bus had no seatbelts.
the public outcry over the bombing