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outcrop / обнажение пород, обнаженная порода, выявление
имя существительное
обнажение пород
обнаженная порода
detection, elicitation, emergence, eduction, outcrop
случайно выявляться
strip, crop out, crop up, outcrop
случайно обнаруживаться
имя существительное
a rock formation that is visible on the surface.
dramatic limestone outcrops
appear as an outcrop.
At the very entrance of the cave there is a mammoth rock outcropping with a huge footprint.
The fact that older rocks progressively outcrop on the plateau surface to the NW suggests that the tilted surface is not a dip slope.
On the way we stopped to dive a rock outcrop that broke the surface a few hundred metres from shore.
It sort of felt triumphant to be crawling up this stone outcropping after getting thrown into the river the second time.
I immediately told members of my crew to stop what they were doing and to start hiking up the hill to our safety zone, a large rock outcropping .
He has also gone further afield including BC and Alberta in Canada, Utah, and Britain but his local crags are the limestone outcrops of the Niagara escarpment.
Vistas of mountains and valleys with interesting weathered limestone outcrops are everywhere, and there are numerous small mines.
I was just relaxing on a nice rock outcropping when all of a sudden, this thing opens right behind me.
The walls of the passage were solid and rough, hewn from the granite outcropping upon which the Citadel stood.
Scattered throughout the Mojave Desert, outcrops of Proterozoic sedimentary rock make up parts of the mountain ranges that divide this region into basins.
Around 110 km north of Arming there is a series of further outcrops of Lower Cambrian rocks.