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outcast / отверженный, изгнанный, бездомный
имя прилагательное
outcast, reprobate, castaway, cast-off, outlaw, excommunicate
expelled, banished, outcast, evicted, excommunicated, proscribed
homeless, stray, houseless, waif, outcast, unhoused
abandoned, slung, derelict, forsaken, outcast
abandoned, deserted, forsaken, derelict, lovelorn, outcast
имя существительное
exile, outcast, outlaw, expatriate, castoff, expellee
pariah, outcast, castaway, outcaste
бездомный человек или животное
имя прилагательное
rejected or cast out.
made to feel outcast and inadequate
имя существительное
a person who has been rejected by society or a social group.
No longer could gays and lesbians be treated by society and by the law as social outcasts , a marginal and disposable fringe.
She heard several calling her the murderer but most of them were pointing fingers at some of the outcast boys.
It was an outcast table for it was far away from all others in the corner.
The student in question says that he's become an outcast at the school.
She hates her outcast status, but has too much respect for herself to compromise or curry favor.
Within ten minutes of arriving, she is the most socially outcast rider in the stables.
Your character Jamie is a total outcast in school.
This early medieval Sanskrit text recounts the Saivite myth of an outcast king who had been a dog in a previous birth.
I was a total social outcast , but usually I didn't mind.
He was always considered an outcast , because of his shyness and nerdy behavior.
Her long and lonely outcast life has led her to be cold and depressed.