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outbreak / вспышка, начало, взрыв
имя существительное
flash, outbreak, flare, outburst, burst, explosion
start, starting, beginning, outbreak, origin, onset
explosion, bang, blast, blowing up, burst, outbreak
break out, outbreak, launch, break into, break forth, shoot out
break out, break in, outbreak
run, escape, flee, race, scoot, outbreak
имя существительное
the sudden or violent start of something unwelcome, such as war, disease, etc..
the outbreak of World War II
Recently the city witnessed an outbreak of gastroenteritis, which claimed seven lives.
We learned of a deadly cholera outbreak in the area.
Conditions in Australian cities were so poor that Sydney suffered an outbreak of plague at the turn of the century.
Within two weeks of its onset, the outbreak spread throughout the district.
the outbreak of World War II
As the outbreak spread, political and medical authorities kept a tight lid on information.
The bathing had been ordered to control an outbreak of scabies, a skin disease.
the outbreak of World War II
Their clan elders, however, are attempting to calm them down, fearing the outbreak of civil war.
In California a three-person outbreak of streptococcal toxic shock syndrome occurred in patients in a hospital.