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outbound / экспортный, отправляемый за границу, уходящий в плавание
имя прилагательное
export, outbound
отправляемый за границу
уходящий в плавание
outbound, outward-bound
имя прилагательное
traveling away from a particular place, especially on the first leg of a round trip.
an outbound flight
The incident caused a number of inbound and outbound flights to be cancelled, diverted or delayed.
Thirty-five percent of outbound travelers went to China, while 23 percent headed to Southeast Asia.
This in turn enhances the outbound market, which has been witnessing a downtrend for the past few months, due to varied reasons.
I was now, however, on familiar territory having travelled along these forest roads on my outbound journey.
We took a different flightpath to my outbound journey; the landscape was much more urban, but still noticeably Dutch.
The collision is believed to have happened as one aircraft returned to the carrier and the other was flying outbound , having just refuelled.
Inbound traffic was re-routed through the adjacent Victorian archway, which was previously used only by outbound vehicles.
The outbound tunnel, renovated last year, now is being used for inbound traffic.
There will be no offers on outbound continental flights on Fridays or return flights on Sundays.
The outbound date of travel determines the fare for the entire journey and ticketing must be within seven days of booking.