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outboard / за бортом, ближе к борту
за бортом
overboard, outboard
ближе к борту
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
on, toward, or near the outside, especially of a ship or other vehicle.
the outboard rear seats
имя существительное
an outboard motor.
I returned the motor to the dealer who promptly gave me a new outboard .
During a week, we'll probably make five trips: They'll want to try a mic or need more outboard or monitors than they'd anticipated.
Rather than rehashing Aaron's recommendations, I simply refer readers to that article for advice on selecting microphones, mixers, monitor speakers and other outboard gear.
The need for preamps is a good case for having an external mixer, because having a professional sound card with multiple analog inputs, no mixer and a bunch of outboard preamps usually is more costly and less flexible than having a mixer.
First, it tells me that the outboard on the dory used by the Scottish divers kept stopping and the dory drifted away from the wreck.
The two outboard rudders and the two outboard fins were interchangeable right and left.
I had my electric outboard and sounder in the boat, so I was fully equipped.
In the upper sections were the rudder tab actuating units, a navigation light showing on the outboard side only, one elevator control pulley and two rudder tab control pulleys.
I returned the motor to the dealer who promptly gave me a new outboard .
The rear suspension is revised to allow the formerly staggered rear dampers to be mounted further outboard and nearly vertical.
Fishing has been a way of life on the waterways of India's Kerala state for millennia, but in more recent years some of the ancient boats have added small outboard engines.