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out-of-town / загородный
имя прилагательное
country, suburban, villatic, out-of-town
имя прилагательное
situated, originating from, or taking place outside a given or implied city or town.
a reception for influential out-of-town guests
People can now shop around the clock - but only if they travel to the out-of-town superstores and shopping outlets.
Some have been hard hit by major retail and out-of-town superstores.
One option would be for it to move away from its business model as an out-of-town retailer by opening stores in urban areas.
My oldest friend organized a dinner for us and all of our out-of-town guests.
The in-town retailers complain about the effect the big out-of-town superstores have on their trade.
We only have to look to the success of out-of-town shopping and market towns to see that this is the case, so how would closing more streets help achieve this?
He frequently opens out-of-town newspapers and reads stories about himself.
Happily, it seems both city centre and out-of-town retailers were prospering at the same time.
It resembles any number of similar units to have sprung up in out-of-town business parks in the past decade.
The out-of-town discount retailer has made two forays down the path of backwards integration.