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out-of-court / внесудебный
во внесудебном порядке
outside the court, without trial
имя прилагательное
(of a settlement) made or done without a court decision.
Commentators have suggested that no drug company has yet lost a case in the British courts, although there have been some out-of-court settlements.
At other times, no such out-of-court settlement is possible and the parties have returned to the Court for an Article 50 ruling.
Litigation initiated by two of the professors resulted several years ago in out-of-court settlements.
Here are some actions you can take now that can help you keep your job in the event of unpleasantness, or at least do well in court or with an out-of-court settlement.
When the lads heard the truth about their beautiful seductress, lawsuits followed and the show couldn't be aired until huge out-of-court settlements were paid.
In many instances, out-of-court settlements are made using new laws in a bargaining advantage.
The settlement is the latest in a series of more than 30 out-of-court settlements that the project has managed to negotiate in the past 15 months.
In his case, it was an out-of-court settlement.
The two eventually parted company, and the litigation ended in a confidential out-of-court settlement.
She has now received £157,000 in an out-of-court settlement.
He examines, in particular, the out-of-court settlement process by which the vast majority of claims are resolved.