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ouster / увольнение, лишение владения, выселение
имя существительное
dismissal, discharge, sacking, leave, separation, ouster
лишение владения
eviction, ejectment, ejection, ouster
имя существительное
dismissal or expulsion from a position.
a showdown that may lead to his ouster as leader of the party
ejection from a freehold or other possession; deprivation of an inheritance.
There could not be any question of an ouster of the true owner by a wrongful possessor.
The chances of an ouster by direct popular vote are equally slim.
The trigger for his ouster as archbishop was a decision by a Massachusetts judge to compel the Church to release internal documents about its personnel decisions.
However, a number of outside groups and individuals began writing e - mails, letters of protests, phoning the museum, phoning my employer, demanding my ouster for this.
It wouldn't be so bad if the ouster hadn't been made by utterly pathetic personalities.
the junta's ouster of the Emperor
Since his ouster violence has escalated in the capital.
You could easily list out all of his past statements and conclude that his ouster was a long time coming.
He was arrested barely three weeks after his ouster .
Corporate governance watchers said the ouster of independent directors is unusual and merited an inquiry.
Witness the pathos of the nation's first temple in its largest metropolis: a president, unencumbered by elections, wedded to perennial power locked in legal combat with a shadow board of trustees bent on her ouster .