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oust / вытеснять, выгонять, исключать
displace, crowd out, supplant, supersede, crowd, oust
expel, kick, out, chase, drive out, oust
exclude, rule out, eliminate, delete, expel, oust
drive out or expel (someone) from a position or place.
he ousted a long-term incumbent by only 500 votes
Once more, the nephew and the business partner join forces to oust him and, after a bitter and bloody battle, they again triumph.
This does not mean that we will start extra-legal actions to oust the Cabinet.
In 1957, his inner circle tried to oust him as party leader.
One last push was required to oust him completely.
The defendants want to oust the plaintiffs, destroy their homes and make the only issue left… how much money they are going to get for the properties that used to be theirs.
And fifth, they can seek to oust legislators who oppose them.
Any powers which the Secretary of State might have had under the Act of 1971 were ousted by the Act of 1983.
They contended, somewhat surprisingly, that this order ousted the automatic directions.
If the tenants were so ousted then the tenancy would have lasted for less than ten months.
He seems to have control over them, and until he is ousted or expelled, he continues to attract other demons back even though many may have been cast out.