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our / наши, наш, наша
our, ours
belonging to or associated with the speaker and one or more other people previously mentioned or easily identified.
Jo and I had our hair cut
used by a writer, editor, or monarch to refer to something belonging to or associated with himself or herself.
we want to know what you, our readers, think
We are now asking our readers to fill in a letter and send it to the Prime Minister.
We get assigned to this inferior work track because we are identifiable by our sex.
We leave it to the wisdom of our readers to decide which way to lean in the debate.
We're going to have our work cut out for us, but they are definitely the team to beat.
We all laughed at this one but our laughter was cut short as Margaret made her entrance.
The dog had been grown over the last eight years and we brought it from our previous address.
As a thank you to our readers we have some great competitions and giveaways lined up.
He certainly believes our brain could do with some help in coming up with ideas.
We have our work cut out, but taking over from anyone who dies in office is never easy.
By watching the workings of our own mind we can learn how to identify these delusions.