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ounce / унция, капля, ирбис
имя существительное
drop, blob, bead, dribble, ounce, spot
имя существительное
a unit of weight of one sixteenth of a pound avoirdupois (approximately 28 grams).
Most cohort members reported their offspring's birth weights in pounds and ounces .
a very small amount of something.
Robin summoned up every ounce of strength
The script is sharp, without an ounce of fat but with great moments of dialogue that retain a sly, wry wit.
Throughout my teenage years, I slowly gained weight - ounce by ounce , pound by pound.
Robyn summoned up every ounce of strength
It came out effortlessly, like when you ask someone their name or where they live, without an ounce of apology or regret.
Dealers say that a gold nugget of 1 troy ounce is about as rare as a 5-carat diamond.
Every ounce of the fame and fortune he craved had to be earned.
A team can have the fastest car, the best communication between the driver and crew chief and the most agile crew on pit road, but without an ounce of luck, none of that matters.
Banjos, pedal steel and harmonicas lock into a lazy-afternoon groove without an ounce of irony to hide behind.
The tiny hotel, technically a ‘restaurant with rooms’ as it has only five of them, is a haven of oak-beamed loveliness without an ounce of tweeness to spoil it.
Every ounce of discomfort and guardedness returned, but there was something else alongside it that wasn't there before.