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otter / выдра, мех выдры, рыболовная снасть
имя существительное
мех выдры
рыболовная снасть
имя существительное
a semiaquatic fish-eating mammal of the weasel family, with an elongated body, dense fur, and webbed feet.
The weasel family includes such colourful characters as otters , wolverines, skunks, minks and badgers.
Sometimes falling prey, on land, to wolves and coyotes, the otter 's principal enemies are humans.
Although demand is no longer as high, raccoon pelts may still be sold as imitation mink, otter , or seal fur.
Fishermen have kept records of catches over the years and many naturalists and field sports people recorded sightings of mammals like the otter .
They are carnivores like the stoat, weasel, otter and badger.
Darwin had already cited the mink and the otter as transitional in conversion of land carnivores to aquatic habits.
Next to this is an entire room filled with more exotic animals, including a monkey and baby, a pronghorn antelope and an otter .
The body of the mother otter was sent for post-mortem examination to try to establish how old the cubs might be.
After last year's triumph, you are cordially invited to bring your otters , voles, badgers and weasels for a day's work experience.
Their latest data show that 38 percent of the live sea otter population and over half of the dead otters analyzed have been exposed to the parasite.
Most common are bears, orcas, sea lions, seals, otters , eagles, terns and cormorants.