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other / другой, остальные, иной
имя прилагательное
other, another, different, second, otherwise, new
other, another, otherwise, new, diverse, either
other, else
otherwise, other, differently, else, alias, to the contrary
имя прилагательное
used to refer to a person or thing that is different or distinct from one already mentioned or known about.
stick the camera on a tripod or some other means of support
further; additional.
one other word of advice
that which is distinct from, different from, or opposite to something or oneself.
Thus it is in opposition to the other that psychoanalysis has conceptualised the self to emerge.
view or treat (a person or group of people) as intrinsically different from and alien to oneself.
a critique of the ways in which the elderly are othered by society
By contrast, the other side knew exactly what it was doing and how to go about it.
a couple of her other friends
On one side, he's got a bed, a toilet and a shower, and on the other side, just a table.
both sides blamed the other
There are also some other really funny videos made by the same guys on there.
You'll almost always find that one or the other of those works and the other one doesn't.
Whether it was through laziness in throwing it away or for some other reason, I don't know.
The idea had been put forward that she was making it all up, that she had a fantasy or some other motive.
the other direction
While it opens doors, it can cloud your perception of what's on the other side.