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ostentatious / показной, нарочитый, хвастливый
имя прилагательное
ostentatious, flashy, specious, showy, ostensible, garish
deliberate, ostentatious, intentional, express
boastful, braggart, vainglorious, quackish, ostentatious, big
имя прилагательное
characterized by vulgar or pretentious display; designed to impress or attract notice.
books that people buy and display ostentatiously but never actually finish
His way of life may seem a bit ostentatious , but his energy and enthusiasm is infectious, and there is nothing snobbish or affected about him.
She wears an ostentatious diamond ring and a pearl the size of a marble.
It's gaudy, it's ostentatious , and it's exactly what one would expect from a rock star that thinks he's God.
Bernard rides around the town in an ostentatious sports car and behaves like a cowardly bully.
But there are few cases of ostentatious opulence amid the poverty.
They contribute generously to village and family enterprises and avoid ostentatious displays of affluence.
He was always smartly dressed but not in an ostentatious way.
The family are keen attenders at St Agnes Catholic Church, and Papa's piety is effortful and ostentatious .
Hey you - people in love, do you have to be so ostentatious about it?
While we do not insist on you taking to the streets on a bicycle, we do encourage a less ostentatious lifestyle.