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ostensible / показной, мнимый, очевидный
имя прилагательное
ostentatious, flashy, specious, showy, ostensible, garish
imaginary, alleged, supposed, mock, putative, ostensible
evident, obvious, apparent, demonstrable, visible, ostensible
имя прилагательное
stated or appearing to be true, but not necessarily so.
the delay may have a deeper cause than the ostensible reason
The ostensible cause of the conflict was a trivial argument between a public transportation driver and a passenger of different faiths.
Later, the company risked its stance of ostensible objectivity by joining the preacher and his family for a picnic supper at a farm north of the city.
There is simply no money in the till to fund rickety new programs that will quickly outgrow their ostensible resource base.
The safety team's ostensible goal was, if possible, to manage the project to a safe and successful conclusion.
Its ostensible purpose was to usher in yet another Five Year Plan, this time on law and order.
For all his ostensible desire to tell the truth, when it comes to the hardest points, McNamara proves slippery.
The ostensible purpose of these escapades was to tag the animal's ear, for identification and conservation.
The ostensible reason is that he does not wish to relinquish his seat in the European parliament.
The ostensible goal of this little group was to combat the great colossus of Americana - Mickey Mouse.
As is so often the case with this Prime Minister, he was talking as much about himself as he was about his ostensible subject.