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ossify / превращаться в кость, оссифицировать, костенеть
превращаться в кость
ossify, stiffen
ossify, stiffen
превращать в кость
turn into bone or bony tissue.
these tracheal cartilages may ossify
cease developing; be stagnant or rigid.
ossified political institutions
The problem with union rights requiring judges and courts to uphold them is that they ossify and become the target of lawyers and others who wish to destroy them.
The postcranial skeleton, and especially the vertebrae, carpals and tarsals, were very slow to ossify .
He goes on to insist he believes in a meritocracy and that achieving this is ‘an economic necessity’, adding: ‘Economies that do not bring out the best in people will ossify and fall behind’.
Because of deep specialization, the scientific enterprise has a built-in tendency to ossify .
In later years some of these joints completely ossify (are converted to solid bone material).
How this imaginative and commercially successful development was allowed to stand still, indeed to ossify , in the hands of its originator is one of the most remarkable stories of industrial history.
The flat bones ossify directly from such fibrous tissue rather than from intermediary cartilage.
If we did this, our cities would stand still, ossify and die.
these tracheal cartilages may ossify
Fossilized embryos are rarely discovered, because their bones only begin to ossify late in development.