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osprey / скопа, эгрет
имя существительное
aigrette, egret, osprey
имя существительное
a large fish-eating bird of prey with long narrow wings and a white underside and crown, found throughout the world.
But they're finding it difficult to get research support for their concerns about ospreys and sea eagles.
He worried about the future of the golden eagle, the osprey and the nightingale and he condemned the persecution of the bullfinch.
Some of the most common birds of prey here, the bald eagle, peregrine falcon, and osprey , are fish-eaters, though the hawk owl is not.
The farm is also home to blue-winged teals, coots, grebes, and an occasional osprey or peregrine falcon.
Among the nearly 200 species found here are thicket tinamou, brown pelican, osprey , king vulture, and laughing gull.
How many boats going at high speeds are noticing the osprey , bald eagles and alligators?
In recent years fanfare accompanied the return of species like the osprey and red kite in England and the white-tailed eagle in Scotland.
Eggs from the fish-eating osprey , a magnificent bird of prey with a six-foot wingspan, are particularly highly-prized because of their distinctive markings.
Life at the marina brings her close to nature, especially the abundant birds such as blue herons and ospreys , as well as some great dock neighbors.
This creek, popular with fishermen, also is a good spot to sight ospreys and bald eagles.
Achnacloich Loch does not come with its own dream house, a fact that will no doubt please the ospreys and other birds that prefer the quiet life.