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osculate / целоваться, лобызаться, соприкасаться
kiss, osculate, pet
contact, rub, osculate
(of a curve or surface) touch (another curve or surface) so as to have a common tangent at the point of contact.
the plots have been drawn using osculating orbital elements
As a child I dreaded extended family occasions because of the endless osculating it entailed.
If seven points on a twisted cubic be joined, two and two, by twenty-one lines, then any seven planes that contain these 21 lines will osculate a second cubic curve.
Should the students be asked to sketch the osculating circle to a given curve at a given point, and then notice that as the point of contact changes, the radius of the circle is inversely proportional to the measure of curvature?
As far as I can tell the only victims are the fighting-cock enthusiasts who have engaged in direct osculation with their birds, in an effort to revive them for the fight.
None of that endless schlepping up and down the country, pressing sweaty palms with the hoi polloi and osculating their kids.
If you haven't been tutored in the art of osculatory excellence then get yourself over to Anna's site and learn all there is to know to impress that special person in your life!
As a child I dreaded extended family occasions because of the endless osculating it entailed.
In kissing a girl whose experience with osculation is limited, it is a good think to work up to the kissing of the lips.
If it and ‘Hogmanay’ share the same root, it may be suggested that the general licence associated with December 31 extended considerably beyond osculation .
There are several osculatory pecks in the movie - all testifying to the sovereign upper-class hegemony of this amatory field.