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oscillator / осциллятор, излучатель, гетеродин
имя существительное
radiator, oscillator, radiant
heterodyne, oscillator
имя существительное
a device for generating oscillating electric currents or voltages by nonmechanical means.
One big use of capacitors is to team them up with inductors to create oscillators .
We used an electromechanical oscillator to apply a known vertical oscillation to the rover antenna.
In this type of amplifier, the output from the oscillator passes once through a gain medium that is pumped optically or electrically.
Each coil of wire is connected to an oscillator that produces pulses of current.
The amplitude gain is determined by the detected photocurrent, which is used to modulate the amplitude of the local oscillator .
Digital phase locked loop with a digital voltage controlled oscillator in a recording information reproducing apparatus
Ac power is converted to a high-voltage Dc current, which an oscillator or resonator outputs as an alternating current.
We model the filtering characteristic of the electrical oscillator by a Lorentzian transmission function
Internal voltage generation circuit having ring oscillator whose frequency changes inversely with power supply voltage
The test circuit is provided with a feedback path so that the test circuit and feedback path together form a free-running oscillator .
A synthetic circuit that was designed to be an oscillator was shown to convert into a bistable switch when one of the interactions was removed.