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oscillate / колебаться, качаться, вибрировать
hesitate, fluctuate, sway, oscillate, vibrate, hover
sway, swing, shake, rock, dangle, oscillate
vibrate, oscillate, shimmy, chatter, thrill, flutter
move or swing back and forth at a regular speed.
a pendulum oscillates about its lowest point
vary in magnitude or position in a regular manner around a central point.
The light made the electrons in each atom oscillate back and forth from one side of the atom to the other.
Stare until columns of tiles oscillate rapidly back and forth, chaotically at first, but more rhythmically in passing.
They oscillate back and forth between the Church and party officials, depending on which side is more convincing at a time.
By creating pronounced distortion products, it makes the hair bundle oscillate in a complex manner with an amplitude that is modulated by non-sinusoidal beats.
In the synonymy of slippery speech, to waffle, waver, oscillate , vacillate is ‘to swing back and forth between opinions.’
Figure 2 Map of spectral absorption wavelengths across a wafer shows an absorption dip indicating the Fabry-Perot wavelength at which the laser will oscillate .
This can cause the players' strategies to oscillate back and forth indefinitely.
Furthermore, once started, the acceleration field of a superconducting cavity will oscillate indefinitely with almost no loss of energy, making it much more efficient than a conventional cavity.
The physical scalar fields that oscillate as normal modes about the potential minimum are the massless angular mode and the massive radial mode.
The temperature of a very narrow central region was observed to oscillate in a sinusoidal manner for over two minutes.
So, while living on this beautiful planet, one is conditioned to oscillate like a pendulum about the importance of love in life.