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oryx / сернобык, антилопа Бейза
имя существительное
антилопа Бейза
имя существительное
any of several species of antelopes native to arid regions of Africa and Asia, having dark markings on the face and long, pointed horns.
Afterwards, I sit on my terrace and watch what may be kudus, springboks or oryxes amble to the water hole.
This small but spectacular reserve gives visitors a dramatic taste of northern Kenya and its unique dry-country animals: oryx , gerenuk, reticulated giraffe and rare Grevy's zebra.
Towards the west end of the zoo were a number of large paddocks, home to zebras, deer, horned oryx and Przewalski wild horses.
They watched out for lions, cheetahs and a particular favourite, the oryx , the African antelope with its wonderful horns.
On a private game reserve, Intu Afrika, the acacia trees hide giraffes, oryx (a large, straight-horned antelope), eland and ostriches.
In that same year, the last Syrian desert ostrich died, steeling a Rooseveltian determination to prevent other endangered species like the oryx and the Nubian ibex from meeting the same fate.
And then a wild array of plain animals: wildebeest, zebra, eland, hartebeest, oryx , reedbuck, giraffe, Thompson gazelle, and many more of the same genre.
The Sultan of Oman, for instance, has worked with the World Wildlife Fund to successfully reintroduce the native oryx (an antelope that had disappeared from the wild in the 1970s).
Its game species include elephants, springbok, kudu, oryx , ostrich, and numerous endemic species of birds.
The trail isn't supposed to be a wildlife safari, but we sight many kudu, oryx , baboons and mountain zebra, and a huge Kori Bustard taking to the air.
The Turkana helped identify the best cabin spots for viewing sunrises over the water and for spotting the occasional oryx or gazelle.