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orwell / оруэлл
That may be the single most Orwellian headline I've ever seen in my life.
Only a few miles from my home, I now know, exists a secret Orwellian town where tens of thousands of people live and work.
If you're looking for a story, you will uncover many scenarios steeped in Orwellian themes and overtones.
The idea that you can drop bombs and occupy a country in the name of ‘liberation’ takes Orwellian doublespeak to new heights.
In other words, Camus had the Orwellian view, and that was anathema to the French gauchistes.
I'd say that makes his choice of that name for his party absurd to the point of being downright Orwellian .
There are a lot of Orwellian overtones in the storyline that had to be echoed in the settings and environments.
Now unless there is a paranoid Orwellian or Thatcherite subtext to this drama that has so far eluded me, the reason for 1984 appears to be no reason at all.
In our Orwellian world, this is actually a bill to destroy academic freedom and take away rights of free speech on campus.
This Orwellian thing is an arm of the ruling Communist Party.