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orthography / орфография, правописание
имя существительное
spelling, orthography
spelling, orthography
имя существительное
the conventional spelling system of a language.
In the case of Cquila there is a distinct suggestion of the orthographies of Southern Bantu languages like Zulu.
a spoken language which has as yet no sanctioned orthography
But Rayner also readily acknowledges that orthography , semantics and syntax are important in reading.
While most of her misspellings simply reflect her lack of knowledge of standard Spanish orthography , the words listed below demonstrate her nonstandard pronunciation.
Thurstan Peter's transcript appears to be reasonably accurate as regards spelling and orthography .
Per normal English orthography / pronunciation rules, one would expect to pronounce ‘leafleter’ ‘leaf-leeter.’
This work comprises eighteen books, the first sixteen setting out, after a brief introduction to orthography , the eight Latin word classes (parts of speech) in great detail.
But those attitudes belong to the past, along with grammar drills and orthography .
The combination of alphabetic orthography and Google is an interesting new tool for language identification!
Garifuna spellings vary because there is no common orthography (method of spelling), which is spoken in five Central American countries.
So it's a mixture of information about orthography , syntax; it has a small grammar section, and over time it's expanded what's contained within that.