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orthogonal / ортогональный, прямоугольный
имя прилагательное
rectangular, square, orthogonal, rightabout, right-angled
имя прилагательное
of or involving right angles; at right angles.
Lanczos was much influenced by Fejér; he learnt from him about Fourier series, orthogonal polynomials, and interpolation.
(of variates) statistically independent.
Disciplinary infractions were further summarized by entering the 18 remaining codes into a principal-components analysis using an orthogonal rotation.
Second, geodesics are circular arcs orthogonal to the unit circle.
We can exploit the fact that the columns of these matrices must be orthogonal to reduce the number of dimensions in which to search.
The presence of a dicentric chromosome was confirmed by Southern blot analysis of orthogonal field alternating gel electrophoresis gels.
Examples are given which illustrate how Ibrahim applied an orthogonal compression to transform a circle into an ellipse, and an oblique compression to map a hyperbola into a second hyperbola.
In addition to his work on potential theory and orthogonal set of functions he published a short paper on the problem of the maximum value a n of a positive integer belonging to a set of n positive integers whose reciprocals add to 1.
Rotations and reflections are rigid transformations (given by orthogonal mappings) and clearly transform the centroid in the asserted fashion.
Indeed, for AH and BC to be orthogonal , the ratio (H - A) / (B - C) must be purely imaginary.
Mercer was a mathematical analyst of originality and skill; he made noteworthy advances in the theory of integral equations, and especially in the theory of the expansion of arbitrary functions in series of orthogonal functions.
The present experiment set out to independently manipulate beliefs and covariation information in an orthogonal design.
His research concentrated on convergence, in particular convergence of series of orthogonal functions.