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orthodoxy / православие, ортодоксальность
имя существительное
orthodoxy, conformity
имя существительное
authorized or generally accepted theory, doctrine, or practice.
monetarist orthodoxy
the whole community of Orthodox Jews or Orthodox Christians.
Finally, Wesley speaks of a present experience of Christian orthodoxy and of its effects in his life.
Anglican orthodoxy and conservative political principles insisted on the value of existing institutions, while revolution, Romanticism, and the rise of democracy insisted on the necessity of progress.
writings of unimpeachable orthodoxy
Like Theodorakis, Kazantzakis was deeply imbued with orthodoxy , with its rituals, its traditions, its beliefs-a very, very powerful part of his own culture.
Newman has produced an understanding of history where the struggle between orthodoxy and heresy results in the eventual defeat of false belief.
Both have theologies radically immersed in the gospel and in life at its darkest points, and are orthodoxly Christian in ways which show Christian orthodoxy to be anything but comfortable.
Sounds like the university is ‘requiring conformity with… orthodoxy of content and method.’
During World War II, Mitterrand began the break with conservative orthodoxy that resulted in his becoming France's most influential Socialist politician.
But the Christian orthodoxy considered all such attempts blasphemous.
He was a powerful figure in the Vatican and a guardian of orthodoxy for a very conservative pope.
As a result of their simplistic attitude a narrow strand of Disciplinarian theology is inflated to embrace the whole of Reformed orthodoxy .