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orphanage / приют для сирот, сиротство
имя существительное
приют для сирот
orphanhood, orphanage
имя существительное
a residential institution for the care and education of orphans.
Some children are abandoned and end up in orphanages , which have a difficult time caring for them.
A woman with AIDS, whose child faces not just the risk of early orphanage , but an early death.
The children she visits at 45 orphanages are not really orphans at all.
Most of these are operating charities, such as the Red Cross, or orphanages , rather than cash-generating schemes.
More than 100,000 children still live in state care, many in grim orphanages .
The group is travelling to Romania on June 20 to work in two orphanages .
On festive days, food and sweets are distributed to the children and inmates of orphanages by the club.
Orphans from orphanages in northeastern Bulgaria work on the farm and produce milk from the cows.
The number of orphanages and other similar institutions should be known to the State and Central Governments.
In this way, the children are not sent off to orphanages or big institutions, but remain part of the community.
For two weeks, the under fives brought in soaps, toothbrushes, toothpaste and small gifts to send to the orphanages of Romania.