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orphan / сирота, висячая строка
имя существительное
висячая строка
widow, orphan
имя прилагательное
делать сиротой
лишать родителей
имя существительное
a child whose parents are dead.
She grew up an orphan , her parents having been killed in a battle which overtook their hometown.
the first line of a paragraph set as the last line of a page or column, considered undesirable.
make (a person or animal) an orphan.
John was orphaned at 12
This three-month old baby escaped with a fractured wrist, but is now an orphan as both parents were killed.
The boy who is an orphan was orphaned when his parents died in short succession in 1992.
An adoption official has spoken about the moment when Angelina Jolie adopted an Ethiopian girl made an orphan by AIDS.
an orphan girl
The Earl had suggested that David pretend to be an orphan whose parents had been American gentility.
The little girl is an orphan who lost her parents to AIDS.
Eight years later he returned to France an orphan , his parents having been deported to Auschwitz by the Vichy authorities.
They chose to adopt an orphan - a baby girl from Russia named Brandy - and their visits to Russian orphanages moved them to explore what they could to help other abandoned children.
he was left an orphan as a small boy
orphan chimps