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ornate / богато украшенный, витиеватый, с украшениями
имя прилагательное
богато украшенный
ornate, florid, flowery, gorgeous, gaudy
с украшениями
имя прилагательное
made in an intricate shape or decorated with complex patterns.
an ornate wrought-iron railing
While poster art continued to prosper, the ornate details of Art Nouveau vanished.
The other singers are specialists in the Baroque repertoire, and are unfazed by Vivaldi's ornate and virtuosic writing.
Just as this statue in abandoning the straight line suggests movement and grace, the speaker too should favour an ornate style and introduce grace and variety.
David Kuebler brings a heroic touch to Nerone, and copes well with Handel's ornate divisions.
The rest of our time is spent in silence, until we arrive at an ornate door decorated with cranes and dragons.
On the plus side was the intriguingly ornate solo piano part, with florid additions, one may speculate, to compensate for the thinner strings.
Park benches, small statues, decorative flower beds and ornate lamp-posts dotted the park at discreet distances from each other.
Both the drawing room and dining room have ornate fireplaces and decorative cornicing with large windows looking out over the gardens.
They have been found before but rarely with such ornate decoration and never in South Lakeland.
Where Brubeck does fall down is in his overly ornate arrangements, all painstakingly constructed to seemingly draw as many parallels with classical music as possible.