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ornamentation / украшения, украшение
имя существительное
ornamentation, finery, ornamentals, furnishings, trappings, bijou
decoration, ornament, adornment, dressing, ornamentation, embellishment
имя существительное
things added to something to provide decoration.
a baroque chandelier with plasterwork ornamentation
One of the various styles of scrolls is the basic ornamentation on most engraving patterns and must be done properly for a first-class job.
The company has a service center for applying studs, stones and decorative ornamentation in Mexico.
the rhetorical ornamentation of text
Apart from being a means of ornamentation , it has great cultural and religious significance, with certain jewels worn only on specific occasions.
The display of status through clothing and ornamentation appears to be a universal phenomenon.
Slaves were also important in the skilled trades connected with clothing and personal ornamentation .
The ornamentation included stone work, sequins and beads.
Once found, all the details had to be recorded on a four-page form, detailing location, inscriptions, ornamentation , the history and condition of the memorial.
a baroque chandelier with plasterwork ornamentation
A very simple fortress-castle, with high stone walls and no ornamentation .