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ornamental / декоративный, орнаментальный, служащий украшением
имя прилагательное
decorative, ornamental, scenic, scenical
ornamental, fancy
служащий украшением
имя существительное
декоративное растение
имя прилагательное
serving or intended as an ornament; decorative.
an ornamental fountain
имя существительное
a plant or tree grown for its attractive appearance.
Scale insects enjoy perennial plants and can devastate nut and fruit trees, greenhouse plants, forest vegetation, woody ornamentals , and house plants.
There are numerous rambling barns and outhouses, and the gardens and two ornamental lakes are exquisite.
Books, postcards, ornamental and decorative pieces, curiosities and some plain junk.
Precious stones of every hue sparkled and flashed from ornamental designs in brass, copper, silver and gold.
Remove weeds from ornamental borders and top-up decorative mulches
After much soul-searching, she scattered his remains in a huge ornamental urn in the gardens of her Didsbury home.
There were sunken gardens and ornamental ponds, rose pergolas and formal hedges.
The ornamental decoration of Spanish Hebrew Bibles is only one of the many echoes of this interaction.
All but tansy have grey leaves, which makes them useful accents in ornamental gardens.
These may have been ornamental porcelains intended to be used as table decorations.
The estate includes a 17th century deer park with a herd of fallow deer, and ornamental gardens.